About Us

Bourn Companies, LLC is a fully integrated group of real estate companies that lead their respective markets in real estate investment, development, leasing and management.

Bourn Companies, LLC is a commercial real estate investment, development and services company based in Tucson, Arizona.

Since its origination in 1990, Bourn Companies and our predecessors have completed over 4,000,000 square feet of acquisitions and developments, specializing in corporate office buildings, retail shopping centers and unique multi-family residential and hospitality properties.

 The various business activities of Bourn Companies, LLC are executed through two subsidiaries:

Bourn Advisory Services: A specialized real estate services company focusing on asset management, leasing, and project and property management for Bourn-owned assets along with a select number of clients.

Bourn Properties, LLC: A real estate investment company that acts as the managing member/general partner for the investment partnerships that it sponsors.

The company is currently focused on making strategic investments throughout the Southwestern United States.

Competitive Strengths

The competitive strength of the company lies in a handful of key areas:

  • Information: Bourn believes “better information leads to better decisions.” Emphasis is placed on making informed decisions by gaining unique insights into all components of the commercial real estate business through not only our ongoing, diversified activities and relationships, but through a disciplined process of capturing specific macro and micro data within a comprehensive, proprietary data base.
  • Tenant Orientation: Bourn Companies has always been driven by understanding tenant needs.
    • Leasing: Several of the key executives and professionals learned the business through leasing, allowing our team to foresee potential opportunities and ask the right questions to best meet the needs of our user clients.
    • Site selection: The significant volume of site selection assignments has honed the process of researching, identifying and underwriting properties that meet the needs of the ultimate user.

By keeping the needs of the client first and making decisions in this context, the results take care of themselves.

  • Development Process Discipline: Experience in the development of several million square feet of properties across multiple uses has provided specific expertise in design and planning, entitlement, development and capitalization at a large scale. Most importantly, it has taught us how to systematize the process to ensure consistent, positive results.
  • Operational Effectiveness: Operating several million square feet of properties has taught our team to proactively manage each property through responsive tenant relations, solid, timely budgeting and clear, consistent communication. Significant value can be gained and risks can be mitigated through a strong, disciplined asset management program.
  • Team: Bourn operates as a true team, with a genuine respect and esteem that represents the foundation of our success. Executive leadership averages over 20 years in the commercial real estate business and 15 years together at Bourn, while the professional staff is an integrated and cross-trained team of bright, talented professionals who average over 10 years experience in the commercial real estate business and 6 years together at Bourn.

The ultimate value that we expect to bring to our relationships results from the full integration of all of our various activities, allowing us to “connect the dots” in manners that may not always be readily obvious. Our challenge to ourselves: Bring incremental value to each project, or don’t be involved.