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Real estate development is our foundation. Integration is our passion.

We blend innovative, proprietary lifestyle operating platforms with traditional commercial and residential real estate uses. The result: community-defining mixed-use projects that cultivate the most advantageous relative value for all our constituents.

Our clients win. Our investors win. The community wins.

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Real estate is really just a conduit.  It’s the integration that transforms the environment; an integration of lifestyle, culture and traditional real estate uses – with a healthy dose of innovation thrown in – that creates better experiences, and even better lives.
Don Bourn

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Our Vision for our Community

Tucson Is Our Home

We are passionate about this city and its promise. A mosaic of cultures, Tucson is emerging as a shining example of inclusive diversity and economic development through pragmatic collaboration between business, government, and educational institutions — a place where ideas, cultures and opportunities collide. This vibrant city is on the cusp, and we feel privileged to play a part in manifesting its future as the economic hub for one of the most dynamic and growing business regions in North America.