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Cross-functional collaboration

As a company, we have made a conscious choice to invest in and cultivate internal expertise across a wide variety of professional areas, including non-traditional real estate segments.   Our robust team comprises professionals with deep knowledge of critical real estate development functions including: acquisitions, finance, architecture, marketing, deal making, legal, project management and operations.  But we are also proactively growing our capabilities in food & entertainment, health & wellness, technology and logistics as we believe they will play a pivotal role in activating successful mixed-use communities.

This deep and broad arsenal of specialists allows for unparalleled cross-functional collaboration, facilitating a unique and iterative process that catalyzes integration and capitalizes on the details and nuances of value creation.

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

The Team

We recognize the value of our intellectual capital and we are privileged to work with a group of incredibly smart and talented individuals.



Don Bourn


Toufic Abi-Aad

Partner - Retail & Office

Alan Tanner

Partner - Accounting

Susan Whitesell

Team Members


Brig Stevens

Matthew Baldwin

Raun Khosla


Alan Tanner

Frank Barber

McKay Stevens

Kaitlyn Sump

Marketing & Research

Dillon Walker

Lynn Huggins

Nate Hurst

Shawnee Wright


Daniel Raygada

Neil Kuhns, R.A.

Luca D’Ippolito

Scott Dray

Project Management

Robert Barnett

Matt Dickey

Rob East

Nohe Garcia

Megan Magee


GinaMarie Spencer *Outside General Counsel

Alisa Reed

Asset Management

Julie Ramseth

David Bourn

Mark Davis

Alex Mazer


Susan Whitesell

Glenn Altamuro

Janeth Alvarez

Emily Rubin

Alejandra Silva

Robin Warner

Special Projects

Gary Anderson

Kim Bourn




Career Opportunities

We are always looking for motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for learning. Interested?

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